Do you think martial arts are just for kids? Think again.

Walk into most martial arts schools and you will likely see classes full of kids. You may even see classes mixed with children and adults. Such sights deter many adults from actually training themselves and even reinforce common misconceptions about martial arts. There are so many good reasons to disprove these myths, and you owe it to yourself and your body to read this article and open your mind to the possibility of at least trying out martial arts at some point.

1. You may believe you are too old to begin.

You’re never too old to start practising martial arts–whether you’re 18 or 78, your body will thank you for it! There are so many physical benefits to martial arts training that it’s hard to know where to start. First of all, martial arts training increases flexibility. Greater flexibility gives you better posture, more ability to relax your muscles and fewer injuries. Even if you are currently physically active, martial arts will take your physical fitness to a new level. With every workout, you train your whole body and you reach different muscle groups. When training martial arts, it is not necessary to “alternate” muscle groups because the training is always changing. Finally, martial arts training is a great way to burn those extra calories and lose weight.

2. You suspect that you are not in the physical condition necessary to do such an activity.

If you find the right school and instructor, your training will proceed at a pace compatible with your abilities and fitness. This allows you to move as fast or as slowly as you need to stay comfortable during your workout. Training in martial arts with the right instructor will also lower your chances of injury. Your instructor will be there to monitor your movements to make sure you are not making a mistake that could be potentially harmful.

3. You think it will be easier to just join a gym and lift weights.

Many of the same benefits of martial arts training can be gotten by joining a gym, but there are some martial arts benefits that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Martial arts give you a full-body workout — both cardio and conditioning — in every session. In a gym, you need to plan ahead to make sure you hit every muscle group while conditioning and still have time to do a cardio workout as well. In addition, training martial arts with an instructor is like having a personal trainer with you during all your workouts.

Martial arts training also gives you a mental workout like no other. While most people say that any physical activity can reduce stress, martial arts goes a step further. The inner balance needed to participate in these activities makes you more attuned to your body than any other physical activity. Reading a magazine or dreaming about your upcoming vacation is not allowed while practising martial arts. Concentrating on the here and now will help you clear your head and better deal with the daily stresses of life after your workout.

4. You don’t want a class with a bunch of kids.

If you can’t find a school that can provide individual instruction, you can look for adult-only classes. For many, classes like this often become the highlight of the week for them. You will soon find yourself looking forward to the fun and excitement of getting together with your “group”.

5. You think you don’t have time to devote to a new activity.

The focus and concentration you develop while training in martial arts will carry over into all areas of your life. You may not realise it now, but the hours of the week you spend training in your martial arts will actually help you make better use of your time outside of your training. You can concentrate on your work, home and family. You can concentrate and perform your tasks more efficiently. Martial arts training is also a spiritual experience that can help you gain inner peace, yet another quality to help you get through your busy schedule more easily.

Not quite convinced that adults can successfully start martial arts training? Do some research and find a great school near you to give it a try. I’ll even make it easier for you. Just contact me and I’ll send you my free guide to choosing a martial arts school.

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