WingTsun KungFu

The lessons in the WingTsun-School Koh Samui will be led by Sifu Reto Sprecher, 4. TG or one or several instructors authorized by the IWTA/IWTO. The idea behind the WT-Camp is to offer intensive training and all the equipment you need for your training in morning and evening-lessons. It’s the place, where you can stay – only concentrated on your daily training.

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Sifu Reto Sprecher is learning different styles of martial arts for more than 24 years, in the last 15 years only concentrating on the WingTsun-Kung Fu – in which he reached the 4th level technician. Since more than 10 years he is a professional WT-teacher and built up several schools in the region of Basel (Switzerland). Now he leads the schools in Basel and introduces the art of WingTsun in Thailand.

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Besides our annual intensive 2-week seminar (feb.) we offer lessons in small groups and of course private lessons  in our school. We plan to be present with at least one instructor throughout all the year, but at the moment this is not yet possible – so please contact us before you visit us. With our friends from other martial arts styles (Muay Thai, BJJ etc.), we plan to organize also cross-training seminars.

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