MMA: Mixed Martial Arts – The Sport

MMA or mixed martial arts involves the historical pieces of martial arts with new age flair. This sport is growing rapidly and is becoming more and more popular as interest is growing. As this sport grows, there are questions regarding the history as well as the actual sport of MMA. This sport originated from the sport of Vale tudo in Brazil and has been adopted within the United States as a leader in cage sport.

What is MMA?

MMA or mixed martial arts is a full-contact sport that uses multiple types of fighting styles. These fighting styles range from original karate to Vale tudo and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Throughout history, MMA has been evolving beginning before weapons could be used. As society worked to defend itself, mixed martial arts was born. Now, the MMA is a top leader in the sporting industry. These fighters show their skills within a ring while they are barefoot and wearing thin gloves. The fighters are not allowed any other equipment and are only allowed to use their bodies as their weapons. These fighters are allowed full contact and can punch and kick to win against their opponent.


It is important to understand that this sport is translated as an anything goes fight. MMA uses all forms of martial arts as well as newer forms that have evolved over time. We can see evidence of this form of fighting as early as 700 BC through the amazing Olympics in that day and age. There is also evidence that martial arts were practiced and used in China in 200 BC when the body was the only weapon that was available for combat. Martial arts are an important piece of our history and was soon made an important part of our present.

The Match

The fighters are placed in a ring where they duke it out till the end. However, the actual match can be won only in three different ways. These ways include judge’s decision, a complete knockout or one opponent can hold the other in submission. These rules and regulations are similar to other forms of fighting including boxing and wrestling. However, MMA is an art form that must be perfected in order to subdue your opponent. There are various types of kicks, jabs and punches that can be used to subdue or knockout your opponent whether in the ring or outside of it.


The fighters are matched against fighters of their own size. There are seven different weight classes that allow for fair fighting. These classes include bantamweight, lightweight, featherweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight. There is a class for everyone out there when it comes to MMA fighting. These classes allow the fighters to compete in their given class for the ultimate title.


MMA first became popular in 1993 with the UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This organization places an extreme interest in MMA and is the premier arena for MMA full contact sporting. The UFC airs fights on the television, as many as 12 live pay-per-view fights. The UFC is broadcasted all over the world which has caused MMA to grow in popularity, not just in the United States. However, the UFC would not be what it is today without the evolving of the mixed martial arts culture over the years. Bruce Lee is said to be the first to use a form of mixed martial arts which soon became popularized due to his success. The UFC was first created with a tagline of “anything goes”. However, this lead to the unfortunate circumstance of being banned from the air. However, the UFC was purchased by Zuffa LLC and new rules were created to protect the art. This allowed the MMA to finally find its way back onto the television screen. MMA has been growing ever since.


Overall, the MMA is an amazing sport. Mixed martial arts has been evolving for centuries, which leaves us to practice a part of the past. Thanks to organizations such as the UFC, we are seeing an extreme growth in the MMA and in martial arts all over the world. It is a beautiful sport that uses the human body in a way that was never considered before. The MMA keeps evolving and is here to stay thanks to fighters and talented martial artists all over the world.