Martial Arts Knife Techniques

Martial arts are a great practice to engage in, no doubt. The vast variety of martial art styles in this world all have many different purposes, all of which are extremely beneficial. Martial arts help you become more disciplined, motivated and focused. They help you center your energy and better your mental health, plus they make you more confident.

The main purpose is to teach you how to defend yourself when the circumstances call for it. Much of this is done by teaching you how to strike and avoid strikes, as well as how to grapple. However, unfortunately, this world is filled with lots of bad people with very malicious intentions. Countless people get robbed and mugged every single year, often at knife point. Yes, guns do exist, but knives are the stealth weapon of choice for many thugs out there.

Obviously, you would be at a disadvantage in a circumstance where a mugger is threatening your life with a knife. This is why the vast majority of martial arts will teach you knife fighting techniques. Practicing martial arts and learning how to defend yourself in the case of a knife attack might just save your life one day.

Some popular martial arts knife techniques/styles

Okay, let’s just take a couple of minutes to look at some of the most popular knife fighting techniques and styles in the world.

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

This is a very popular umbrella term for a number of Asian martial arts including Escrima, Kali, and Arnis. These are some of the most popular martial arts that use a lot of weapons, especially sticks, knives, and swords. The butterfly knife is a weapon of choice in this fighting style.

Butterfly Knife


Silat is another umbrella term for a number of different Asian martial arts, specifically in Southeast Asia. This martial art(s) specializes in using the Karambit and the Keris, two very deadly knives.

Keris Knife

Karambit Knife

WWII style

This may sound out of date, but it is documented that the knife techniques developed during World War II were well ahead of their time. This is a very animalistic, brutal, and close-quarter knife style. It was developed for soldiers using big military knives and bayonets. This is a dying style today, but can still be found here and there. It is old, but effective, none the less.

WW2 Knife


The Romans knew what they were doing, something which can definitely be said for their knife fighting. The stiletto, perhaps the deadliest of all blades used by the Assassins, was invented by the Romans. The Italians then based many knife-fighting techniques around this blade. Once again, this may be an old style, but that just means that it is time tested.

Italian Stiletto Knife


There are many more styles and techniques than we touched upon today, and there is a lot more to know as well. The point is that there are multitudes of techniques out there, all of which have various advantages. The bottom line is that knowing some good martial arts knife techniques could just save your life one day.