Heading Back to Fight Back

Arthur (Blackdragon) Sorsor a Muay Thai/Kickboxer who has travelled Asia competing and representing his two countries, USA and Liberia, launched his crowdfunding campaign to step up the game!

He won some championships and worked really hard to get where he is now but he wants to become even better. He has fought some of Asia’s best and beaten them with mediocre training and now he wants to get the best training to really make a heavy splash on the international scene.


This means so much to me because throughout my journey, my theme has been to fight for your dreams and I want to show kids and the world if you push for your dreams, you can achieve anything. I will be really grateful and will give a shoutout to those who help me reach this goal. Someday I intend to take this sport and discipline back to my homeland of Liberia for the kids and citizens there. I sincerely appreciate the help and promises to do my best and stay focus and reach this goal.

Arthur (Blackdragon) Sorsor

The money you donate, will go towards funding his training camp overseas in Thailand as he will train full-time to produce even greater results on the international stage. He needs this funds to jumpstart his career and to stay focused, training twice a day 4- 6 hours, 6 days a week.

This will also help with food and equipment which he will need until he can begin fighting again. The sooner he can raise this funds the sooner he can get overseas and begin working on his dreams.

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You can follow his progress on his social medias, as he will be posting updates as to what he is doing and how and where your funds went.