SlowFastMoves: Moving from Slow Tai Chi Movements Into Exloding Martial Arts Moves

SlowFastMoves is moving from slow Tai Chi alike movements into exploding martial arts moves.This gives great advantages like more agility, stamina, flexibility, power, endurance and speed. It exists out of all round martial arts wich means it can be performed fighting standup, on the ground but also with weapons.

Iffie Hamidullahkhan is the founder of slowfastmoves and is an all around martial artist himself. He is known for his amazing Kukri fighting skills and close combat bone breaking techniques. Using the slowfastmoves method of training means anyone can do it no matter the body type or age. You can move slow and do some simple kicking and punching or you can do more advanced moves with and without weapons inside this kind of training.

The bridge between moving slow and exploding fast with the right breathing (breathing out when exploding) gives a great overall advantage to health but also integrates movement with normality creating automated movements principles for the brain so that when needed in self-defense situations persons can defend themselves against anyone attacking them.

SlowFastMoves can be used combined with any kind of martial arts. For example those doing Muay Thai can explode into Muay Thai moves or those doing MMA can use a standing boxing bag and explode into ground & pound. Moving slow to fast gives overall advantages for anyone in any sports but especially martial artists can benefit from training on this way. It is worth the try once you do this kind of training you will probably integrate it into you standard workout scheme because you can choose yourself how much energy you give and the pauses when moving slow reloads your own energy so that you can do the next explosive move without much trouble.

When Iffie made he found using weaponry for moving slow to fast an important piece of the training. Using this extends the training by adding weight and brain impulses to measure reach and swing with power giving even more advantages for the slowfastmoves training. Also the jumping moves are very important it does not matter if these are with or without weapons. Moving slow and then jumping in the air making an explosive move makes it easier to perform the move with more impact in real life combat.

I recommend checking out the SlowFastMoves channel on YouTube by typing “Iffie” in the search bar. When you take a look at the video section there are some examples on how to perform it. Please give feedback for requested subject on training matter so new video material can be developed.

Start moving today from slow to fast to improve your martial arts results you have nothing to loose by trying if it works for you. You can add it into your training for like 3 days in a week after cardio, fitness or your normal martial arts workout.

For questions about the system contact Iffie personally on and feel free to ask whatever you would like to know. Good luck with your training and with slowfastmoves.

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