Sifu & Team

Sifu Reto Sprecher is learning Martial Arts since more than 27 years, since more than 18 years fully concentrated on WingTsun-Kung Fu. Before he discovered WingTsun, he was always looking for a realistic fighting-system and therfore training in different styles, such as Karate (Kyokushinkai/Shotokan), Aikido, (Kick-)Boxing, MuayThai, Escrima and some BJJ and Sambo. In the last years also interested in Mixed Martial Arts he is more and more learning and also teaching MMA.


After receiving the 4th degree in a former Ass. he completed his knowledge with several masters and has now seen the whole system including the weapons. He regularly visits Brazilian JiuJitsu/MMA-seminars to always increase his skills.

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Since more than 15 he is a professional Martial Arts teacher and build up several WingTsun-schools in the region of Basel/Switzerland. He takes care of his school in basel, but also travels and teaches in Thailand and La Réunion (F).

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A lot of the more advanced students especially come here and appreciate the possibilities to train and work on their higher programs, including the wooden-dummy techniques and longpole-training. Sifu Reto and his local students always enjoy the intensity of the training here and more than once the skills just learned in training had to be approved in application… 🙂

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Guests from all around the world are very welcome and realy always spend a splendid time here on our tropical island with a lot of training and fun. If you wish to just train and and just have a real good time – do not hesitate – just do it!