The Martial Arts Academy/Fightclub-Samui was established in January 2004. After several seminars on Koh Samui and Koh Tao during the last 8 years, we wanted to have our own place. Under the sun-roof we have a lot of space for our training; Pads, sandbags, wooden dummys, long poles and knifes are available.

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Our training contains a lot of WingTsun-Kung Fu, that includes forms, partner-drills, Chi-Sao, focus-mitts, etc. We also train and take inputs from other styles such as Muay Thai, Boxing and different Grappling-styles. Our training is based on practical self-defence but also suits all needs – if your absolute beginner or advanced.

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As we are independent, we don’t care from which school or association somebody comes from and also grades or degrees aren’t that important to us. Here we just want to train together, learn something and have some fun. A lot of teachers and students from all around the world, from different styles have already been here and spent a great and intensive time.

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Besides our regular two-week-seminars its also possible to train in small groups or one-to-one private-lessons. We try to be present in the school throughout the year with at least one instructor, but this is not yet possible. So please contact us before coming. In future we also plan to offer some cross-training seminars with our friends from Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA.

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