Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Since a few years we are also interested in sportive fighting competitions (with rules), which are known as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and also as Vale-Tudo or Free-Fight.

mma_1 mma_2

To us, these seem to be the most fairest and practicable competition between 2 fighters, a complete different world as the the fight with no rules in self-defense.

mma_3 mma_4

The training is physically very intensive and great fun. A controlled match between 2 fighters is possible and against all meanings, injuries are very seldom, because always when we train with partners: we train respectfully together and the more experienced or physical stronger partner adjusts his skills to the one who is less experienced.

mma_5 mma_6

We hope to do more seminars with different guest teachers and also here we think completely free about styles, if it is good it is welcome.