Koh Samui

kohsamui_1 Koh Samui island has always been a legend, with its palm trees, hammocks, colored fruit juices with ice, blue sea… in short, the perfect beach vacation despite the numerous hotels and beach resorts.

Koh Samui is part of the Anthong islands and is situated at about 80 km off Thailand’s east coast. The airport is one of the most beautiful in the world, with its magnificent tropical gardens.

The harbor lies in direct proximity to neat villages and palm tree bordered beaches. The inhabitants are usually kohsamui_2Buddhists and extremely friendly.

Today tourism is their main source of income, in former times it was fishery and coconut plantation. The processing of coconuts still plays a small role and gives the whole island a nice coconut oil smell.

Besides water sports, one can do a hole number of other things, like temples visits, treks to waterfalls or ship tours.

The most popular and longest beaches in Koh Samui are Chaweng, Lamai and Maenam. Thanks to their size they are never overcrowded despite the numerous hotels and beach resorts. People who want to spend their vacation in a place that’s more quiet can choose among 23 other beaches.

The monsoon time in Koh Samui lies between November and February, then temperatures are approximately of 25 degrees. But despite the showers there is still enough sunshine also during the rain time, because the wind usually drives the rain clouds out fast. In the dry time of March to October the temperatures increase up to 35 degrees.

At the north of Koh Samui, there are the islands Koh Phangan (well known for the «Fullmoon parties») and Koh Tao, a small island which belongs to the diving fans favorites.