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Reference concerning represented combat equipment
The users of the InterNet sides of the Martial Arts Academy/Samui-Fightclub expressly it is pointed out that application saves in the videos and in the photos represented combat equipment in principle a certain injury risk in itself with application opposite third or during wrong execution also for the user. This risk, which adheres to all kinds of combat haven naturally, can be minimized only by a qualified guidance by the teachers of the Martial Arts Academy/Samui-Fightclub attached combat art schools. The users must be conscious therefore that they exercise these techniques without personal guidance on own danger. The Martial Arts Academy/Samui-Fightclub closes any adhesion for possible injury, whether self-injury or injury third therefore out. Will turn out for the users to hold with with difficulty understandable and danger-pregnant techniques in each case consultation with an authorized Martial Arts Academy/Samui-Fightclub teacher.