Escrima / Knives

We also train and teach Escrima although Sifu Reto only has the 8th student degree and past «only» the first instructors-seminar with Master Bill Newman. But the interest of learning to handle all kind of weapons is very big and concerning the fight with knives – this is one of Sifu’s most favorites.

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Also included in our programs is the work with the tonfa – especially in the work with security-personal we teach special tactics and possibilities of a so called «soft-control». We try to understand and adapt the concepts of Escrima with all kind of weapons, except fire-arms.

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Our all-time favorite is the art of knife-fighting. Sifu Reto is still learning and increasing his knowledge, not only because the danger of being attacked with a knife is increasing, but also because it’s a lot of fun and helps to develop a perfect timing also in weaponless combat. Thanks also to «Master at Arms» Fred Perrin (F) for his inputs and teaching.

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