Among divers, Koh Tao is widely renown for its terrific dive-spots and for its cheap and also serious possibilities to make your next PADI-divers-licence. We have so far only good experiences with the dive-resorts on Koh Tao especially with «Buddha-View-Divers» at Chalok Ban Kao in the south of the island.

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In the meantime also Koh Tao has some electricity..! The number oftourists is also increasing on the turtle-island, but there are mostly divers, coming from all parts of Southeast-Asia to make the next PADI courses or only to enjoy some fun-dives at the beautiful dive-spots around Koh Tao. Maybe you have the luck to see one of the whale-sharks softly passing by the island – it is one of the most fascinating things to see..!

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Koh Tao is very easy to visit. The speedboat-ferry will take you to the island within maybe 1,5 hours and it’s really worth a vi sit. If you are not diving – there are also a lot of possibilities for snorkeling. The «Rocky-Bay» is famous for its blacktip-reefsharks that can be watched and also the pearl-island Koh Nangyuan is presenting its colorful underwater world – really a terrific spot for snorkeling.

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