(English) 3 BIG Reasons To Consider Enrolling Your Child In Martial Arts Training

3 BIG Reasons To Consider Enrolling Your Child In Martial Arts Training
My 13-year-old son is a 2nd degree black belt in Ernie Reyes‘ West Coast Martial Arts. He has been in martial arts training since he was 6 (7 years now), and it has been one of the best investments we have ever made.
Here are just 3 benefits of martial arts training for kids you should consider:
1. Develop Unshakeable Self-Confidence: As your child develops, he or she begins to be self-aware, which may make them feel unsure or self-conscious. Most children have a desire to try something new, impress their friends with a talent, and to feel secure about themselves. By studying martial arts, children develop a sense of accomplishment and skill that builds their self-image and boosts their confidence.
2. Build Strong, Healthy Bodies: Well-rounded martial arts training includes stretching, warm-up exercises, drills, sparring, and techniques–all of which work to improve coordination and strength. If done regularly, martial arts is one of the best ways for children to stay in great shape and have FUN doing it.
3. Improve Self-Discipline: Any martial arts training such as karate or taekwondo is a fantastic way to improve a child’s self-discipline. Students must follow the commands of their instructors, and practice outside of class time is essential to develop the skills to move up the ranking or belt system. With the understanding that they must perform what they have learned and practiced in front of an evaluating instructor pushes a child to pay attention and work hard. Few qualities will help a child more in the future than good self-discipline.
There are many martial arts schools in almost every city and town, but knowing which ones are good can be tricky. Not all dojos are created equal. There are also online martial arts training programs and video programs that can be useful if you possess the discipline to train on your own.
When selecting a martial arts school, it is worth your time to do some pre-screening homework. Does the school have a long-standing reputation in the community? Have you spoken with the owner and visited the location? When you visit, you will want to pay special attention to their methods of communication. Do they have dates and times clearly posted? I cannot stress enough how important it is that a martial arts school communicate with both parents and children. Doing this little bit of homework on the front end will save you tons of frustration later on down the road.
Martial arts training can be a pretty big financial and time investment. Do it right, and it will pay off BIG TIME for your child! Take it from a dad who knows!

(English) SlowFastMoves: Moving from Slow Tai Chi Movements Into Exloding Martial Arts Moves

SlowFastMoves is moving from slow Tai Chi alike movements into exploding martial arts moves.
This gives great advantages like more agility, stamina, flexibility, power, endurance and speed. It
exists out of allround martial arts wich means it can be performed fighting standup, on the ground
but also with weapons. Iffie Hamidullahkhan is the founder of slowfastmoves and is a allround
martial artist himself. He is known for his amazing Kukri fighting skills and close combat bone
breaking techniques. Using the slowfastmoves method of training means anyone can do it no matter
the body type or age. You can move slow and do some simple kicking and punching or you can do
more advanced moves with and without weapons inside this kind of training. The bridge beween
moving slow and exploding fast with the right breathing (breathing out when exploding) gives a
great overall advantage to health but also integrates movement with normality creating automated
movements principles for the brain so that when needed in self defense situations persons can
defend themselves against anyone attacking them. SlowFastMoves can be used combined with any
kind of martial arts. For example those doing muay thai can explode into muay thai moves or those
doing MMA can use a standing boxing bag and explode into ground & pound. Moving slow to fast
gives overal advantages for anyone in any sports but especially martial artists can benefit from
training on this way. It is worth the try once you do this kind of training you will probably integrate
it into you standard workout scheme because you can choose yourself how much energy you give
and the pauses when moving slow reloads your own energy so that you can do the next explosive
move without much trouble. When Iffie made slowfastmoves.com he found using weaponry for
moving slow to fast a important piece of the training. Using this extends the training by adding
weight and brain impulses to measure reach and swing with power giving even more advantages for
the slowfastmoves training. Also the jumping moves are very important it does not matter if these
are with or without weapons. Moving slow and then jumping in the air making a explosive move
makes it easier to perform the move with more impact in real life combat. I recommed checking out
the SlowFastMoves channel on YouTube by typing “Iffie” in the search bar. When you take a look
at the video section there are some examples on how to perform it. Please give feedback for
requested subject on training matter so new video material can be developed. Start moving today
from slow to fast to improve your martial arts results you have nothing to loose by trying if it works
for you. You can add it into your training for like 3 days in a week after cardio, fitness or your
normal martial arts workout. For questions about the system contact Iffie personally on
SlowFastMoves.com and feel free to ask whatever you would like to know. Good luck with your
training and with slowfastmoves.